Modular Hexagon Touch Lamps Honeycomb Wall Lights

Modular Hexagon Touch Lamps Honeycomb Wall Lights - PopSlaw

Modular Hexagon Touch Lamps Honeycomb Wall Lights

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Boring walls be banished!

Here's a way to turn a plain boring wall into an interesting and interactive illumination masterpiece! These are our best sellers in lighting due to their unique usage and striking appearance.


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Selling out quick - get yours before our stock runs out! 4/6/10pcs Touch Sensor LED Quantum Light Magnetic Hexagon Modular Night Lamp Wall Creative Decor Light  Honeycomb Lighting Tools


1. Modular touch-sensitive lighting, use hexagon to build any structure to meet your needs.
2. Individual components can be easily spliced together by magnets located at the edge of the product, and you can create a lamp that meets your needs. You can buy as many units of lights as possible.
3. Physically touch to turn the wall light on and off. Capacitive sensors are used as switches that turn each component on or off when your body touches the surface.
4. Up to 105 modules can be connected to the same power circuit.

Input Voltage: 5V
Material: Environmentally Friendly ABS Material
Product Size: 110 X 110 X 15mm/4.33 X 4.33 X 0.59" (1pc)
Weight: 106g (1pc)
Light Color: Warm Light, Multicolor

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